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To intentionally awaken all artists and audiences to their inherent and unlimited potential by creating a theatrical space of equality, integrity and authenticity.

Mission Statement


We aim to celebrate our differences, uplift the voices of marginalized communities and make a lasting impact connecting our society; while creating art that is daring, thought-provoking, inclusive, accessible

and always entertaining.


We envision a world where

ALL people are seen and heard

through a lens of:





Our main goal is to reframe how theatre is both created and presented.


In addition, we seek to: 


  • Devise new ways to tell well-known stories 

  • Produce timely and critically relevant material

  • Develop new and exciting approaches to how we can positively impact our communities and help advocate for those in need

  • Support diversity in leadership

  • Initiate and execute mechanisms of sustainability to combat the devastation of climate change and its repercussions

  • Address challenges with integrity and authenticity

  • Create multiple streams of income to ensure continuous cash flow

  • Manage our efforts, to the best of our abilities, in an organized approach with an emphasis on physical and mental well-being


We hope to explore freedom of thought, expression and creativity while encouraging artists to take calculated risks; celebrating the uniqueness within and using it to fuel organic, honest choices in a supportive, team-player environment. 


It's vitally important that we also honor the land that enables us to do what we do while making responsible choices to respect and protect it for future generations to keep developing and finding more new ways of story-telling.


Lofty? YES. Intellectually stimulating? YES

Entertaining? YES. Impossible? NO

Necessary? ABSOLUTELY.

Diversity Image-min.jpg


At Theatremakers, we acknowledge the

institutional oppression and trauma that

marginalized communities face.


As allies and change-makers, we actively seek to advocate for organizations that support communities of color, indigenous communities, communities with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, communities of varying religious beliefs and those with

intersectional identities.


Our diversity is our strength; built on

a foundation of kindness, patience

and understanding.

land acknowledgement

SOFL Theatremakers recognizes and acknowledges that the lands on which we are able to live and work once belonged to the indigenous tribes of the Jeaga, Ais, Taino, Tequesta and now Seminole people.


Generations of these indigenous people and tribes have resided on these lands for over 10,000 years. These lands and waterways were central to their creation stories and there are sacred sites located near and around

these lands that carry those stories, including

those for survival and identity. 


With every show we produce, every rehearsal we have, every class we teach and every project we choose to create; we honor these indigenous people, their lands, their ancestors, future generations, culture, harvest, language, poetry and living songs.


We hereby state our commitment

to respect and protect their legacy. 



There is value in preemptively answering commonly asked questions about a new theatre company in order to provide transparency and an accurate description of who we hope to be; ultimately creating a space of integrity for all of us to succeed.


We will be thinking up and notating these questions in this space as they arise.

  • Do you accept volunteers?
    With open arms. It takes a village or two to raise a theatre company and qualified volunteers are welcome at any time. If what we're trying to do resonates with any individual on a level where they feel compelled to get involved, we will humbly accept your assistance. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.
  • Is SOFL Theatremakers a professional theatre company?
    Yes. Everyone who chooses to work with us gets paid. Although the contracts we are able to offer as a startup company will not be enough to "quit your day job"; we understand and acknowledge that professional artists' gifts have financial value and should be remunerated at the most competitive level possible. Contracts will vary depending on each individual project.
  • ​Is SOFL Theatremakers only focused on Educational Theatre?
    No. Unlike many companies who add an educational element after they've been in business for quite some time; we have chosen to lay our foundation with an educational focus first, and then build from there.
  • When will you start to produce shows with professional actors?
    When we're financially ready to offer acceptably competitive contracts. We're currently in the second phase of our 5-year development plan and look forward to producing "MainStage quality" shows and events in the very near future.
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NOW is the time for all theatre makers to challenge our precedents. If theatre is a reflection of the world we live in, it’s also a reflection of the world we hope to live in.


It’s a space of potential and 

possibility where you can stand for something bigger than yourself.


With these guiding principles,

Theatremakers is intentional about

art, advocacy and impact.

"Man is an imitative animal. We learn through mimicry, a form of acting...

The stage isn’t simply a leisure time extravagance. It springs directly from that reflective consciousness that distinguishes human nature." ~ Aristotle in “Poetics”

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